What can I do for you?

Providing focus and encouragement, I support you to clarify and expand your vision of what is possible.

As your coach I work with you to clarify your values and to achieve any changes you want to make:

  • Clarify career or business options
  • Find a healthier balance between work and personal life
  • Have financial security
  • Be more effective
  • Have more energy and zest for life
  • Make a difference
  • Discover more meaning and purpose
  • Set personal and professional goals
  • Create something new
  • Get out of a rut and into a positive situation

My service as a coach includes a "one stop shop". This means you use me as a resource. I can assist you to access many other services through my own wide network.

Coaching is more than conversation. The power of coaching flows from its focus on taking action. We agree homework or assignments. It is these actions which help you reach and often surpass your goals more quickly than you would alone.