My Contribution

I have given back to the community in different ways.  I volunteered with the Sussex Beacon working with people with HIV through stress management work.  I co-founded Mirus Coaching for Social Change offering low cost and free coaching to social entrepreneurs and social activists. I am part of a project offering coaching to climate justice leaders worldwide. Coaching in the Movement is currently being piloted

Violence against women and girls in conflict is “one of history’s great silences”, as the UN Special Rapporteur on Violence against Women called it. As a founding trustee, I helped set up RAW: Reaching All Women in War, aimed at highlighting this silence.

I coach TED fellows (young world changers and trailblazers)  through the HF initiative:

Locally in Brighton I am involved with an an exciting project to regenerate a community hall. Local people campaigned to save Exeter Street Hall and we came together to buy it for the community. We are now actively involved in renovating and running the hall. See