Benefits of coaching

We are living in a time of rapid and profound change. Our goals for ourselves are evolving. New skills are required of us, particularly the skills for navigating change. In the 21st century many of us want to be personally and professionally more effective, while at the same time enhancing the balance between our personal life and our professional life. To achieve this, you benefit greatly from having a partner - someone who has the insights and commitment to your personal and professional development. And should you be feeling off course, working with a good coach can enhance your transition process.

A coach can benefit you by:

  • Providing focused support as you make changes
  • Stimulating your self expression
  • Challenging you
  • Being accessible, independent and dedicated to your development
  • Asking powerful questions and making big requests
  • Offering insights and perspectives
  • Listening to you and hearing what you say
  • Celebrating your successes with you

A coach works with you to find balance between the competing demands in your life by paying attention to:

  • Your overall health and well being
  • Your finances
  • Your relationships
  • Your life philosophy and personal values

What benefits do my coaching clients enjoy?

10 benefits my clients have enjoyed as a result of coaching:

  • Peace of mind
  • Greater fulfillment
  • Better balance between work and play
  • A simplified life
  • Boosted confidence
  • Set bigger goals and achieved them faster
  • Enhanced creative thinking
  • Built on strengths and delegated the rest
  • Increased financial security
  • New ways of working

Personal coaching can cover all aspects of your life and is in a way similar to athletic coaching. As your coach, I encourage you, motivating you to achieve your goals and honour your values. Coaching empowers you to greater personal and professional effectiveness. Think of it as taking steps to become the powerful director of your own life.