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An amazing experience

"Coaching has opened my eyes to the huge amount of possibilities available to me in the search for a more meaningful career and life. I have now discovered a huge amount of information and resources that I never even knew existed before, let alone contemplated accessing. Career coaching has been revelatory for me as I have discovered what I am good at and how I can use those skills in a meaningful, fulfilling and useful way.  It also showed me that my job and my sense of self-worth are intertwined and that I need to do a job that makes me happy. Working with you has been a profoundly rewarding experience for me."

     NB  IT Support for Hedge Fund Managers turning writer & blogger

 Career coaching has transformed my life

 "Without wishing to sound too schmaltzy, career coaching has literally transformed my life, in particular my daily routines and has helped me to consider what I want from life both in the long and short term and practical ways in which these things can be achieved. When I started coaching I had been signed off work with stress was working 12 -13 hour days travelling 120miles a day and had no social or love life to speak of. Now I still work hard with a job I love but have a commute of only 20 – 30 mins and have both a love and social life as well as a plan for my future career path."

LE Design Manager, Construction Company

 Feel really energised

“After each session I would feel really energised and able to take on the world! I particularly enjoyed the balance of warmth and pragmatism that you provided.”Working with Marianne, has helped me to get to the place I aspired to, I pinch myself at being here. She has helped me find a working partner and negotiate the professional partnership I wanted but couldn't see how to achieve. Marianne has helped me refind my self belief and hold my nerve through massive changes. Having Marianne as an ally has made the big difference to where I am now. She doesn't take over, her style is gentle, more she asks the questions to get me to the next place.

PM  HR executive in investment bank

Far exceeded my expectations

"The coaching sessions I had with Marianne far exceeded my expectations. As a result of our sessions I have a new sense of clarity about many aspects of my life; my career, my own individual strengths and the things I need in my life in order to get the most out of it. I felt completely confused and frustrated about my career choices before I began, and now have a real sense of pride in my achievements, and am excited about what my future life and career holds."

PN Director, NHS Trust

I did have everything I needed to pursue my dream

“I really enjoyed working with Marianne, she put me at ease and I was excited about working with her.  She helped me to realise that I did have everything I needed to pursue my dream…and that was me!”

DM  Craftswoman and artist

Offers much more than career advice

"Marianne is a highly intelligent and sensitive coach who offers much more than career advice.  She is a fantastic listener, offers ingenious and imaginative tools for development, and understands that life includes much more than work.  Her warmth and sense of humour made the process a real pleasure and, as a result of working with her, I have a greater understanding of myself as well as greater pleasure in looking ahead."

CB University Lecturer

One of the most important things I have done in my life

"Working with Marianne has been a wonderful experience and one of the most important things I have done in my life. At last (I am now 40+) I know what I want to do in the future and I now have an inner confidence that I can make it happen. I completely recommend Marianne and her process. She is wonderful to talk to and I felt I could be really open and honest with her. I just wish everyone could have access to her programme!"

NR Gardener

So many options and opportunities

"I often feel overwhelmed when thinking about future possiblities because I have so many options and opportunites that it is difficult to narrow them down to actually focus on one thing and make it happen. This creates inertia which coaching has helped me to overcome."

KL Senior Manager Probation Service turning Property Developer

Thank you

"Thank you for your work with me as a career coach.  I have now begun to get work as a gypsy-jazz violinist and am continuing my teaching work.                                                                                             

DB  Violinist and teacher

Bringing out the best of me

"Marianne has been fantastic to work with over the last few months.  She has been a true coach, in the sense of bringing out the best of me, but also exploring new areas. I now have a good picture of my purpose, the direction I want to go in, and confidence that I will get there. I highly recommend her to you, if you are seeking advice on life or career direction."

RC Senior Executive, Retail Sector

I had been ‘stuck’ for sometime and kept repeating the same actions

"Career coaching opened my eyes to what is possible. Easy words to say- not so easy to believe and without believing wholeheartedly, action won’t be taken wholeheartedly.

I was better at selecting a colour scheme for my bedroom than I was at ‘selecting’ the right ingredients for my career.  Although colour schemes are important to me - I couldn’t figure out how to make the ‘day job’ better!

I had been ‘stuck’ for sometime and kept repeating the same actions which would get me precisely nowhere.
How has career coaching made a difference in my life?

  • Optimism and lightness- I can (almost) jump out of bed now.
  • The feeling of having some control of my life back.
  • To treat yourself with a bit more kindness- as you would a friend.
  • Acceptance of who I am- a biggie!  I would often tell myself that but now I can believe it

I was dubious about how much you could help me over a phone but I really liked the systematic program of steps- I always felt further every phone call was helping and it really brought peace to me when I was in the midst of changing jobs.  This really appealed.  The way you helped with all my ‘interests’ was amazing- I think you may know a good half of the UK and beyond!  You were like a very sensible family member- who treated me like an adult (sorry if that is a bit clichéd!)"

GK  Dentist

Refound my self-belief

"Working with Marianne, has helped me to get to the place I aspired to, I pinch myself at being here. She has helped me find a working partner and negotiate the professional partnership I wanted but couldn't see how to achieve. Marianne has helped me refind my self belief and hold my nerve through massive changes. Having Marianne as an ally has made the big difference to where I am now. She doesn't take over, her style is gentle, more she asks the questions to get me to the next place."

GN Interior Designer

Opened my eyes to new possibilities

"My sessions opened my eyes to new possibilities not just in my search for work but other aspects of my life.  Marianne has a rare gift for shining the light on an individual’s strengths and linking them to practical honed suggestions – no matter how resistant or confused the client is about the path they want to take.  The sessions were invaluable."

JMc Documentary film maker

A wonderful experience

"This has been a wonderful experience for me. You have developed a process that is really absorbing and interesting and that clearly works. You are so lovely to talk to and so enthusiastic – I felt I could be open with you but you pitched it right - I was able to analyze without being overly emotional, which would have just got in the way. I am completely happy with the outcome and feel we really got the heart of what I need to do. Please, please keep doing what you are doing - I just wish everyone could have access to it!"

SM mother and wildlife gardener

The results are worth it

"Marianne has a calm and gentle approach to career coaching which makes you feel at ease and more comfortable about opening up.  The exercises can be challenging but the results are worth it.  I am very glad I took the time to look at my career and choices with Marianne's help and guidance, and now approach things quite differently."

BW IT Manager

Thoughtful and structured approach

I have worked with Marianne for 5 years now, we have discussed many things over the years, I have found that she manages to get my mind clear on objectives for the company or companies I have owned or worked with. I can highly recommend her thoughtful and structured approach to business planning"

James Mortimer, TG Financial

I have a clear idea

"I have a clear idea of the area I want to go into and what I need to feel happy in a career/my life. Before the sessions I just knew that I was in the wrong job but I was very unsure of what I could do!

I am more positive in my decision to change direction in my career; I am seeing it as an exciting opportunity rather than something scary and risky. I feel as though the vague ideas I had about what I wanted to do are now clearer and that they are achievable rather than fantasy. The exercises were encouraging and made me feel like even though I was leaving law the skills and experience I had spent the past 5 years developing were invaluable and totally transferable so I felt that I wasn't wasting all that time and money.

Career coaching has made me less scathing about my current job because I feel like I am actively doing something to change my career for the better so I don't dread coming in because there is an end in sight now. I am also doing more activities in my free time that I enjoy, and I now feel like I making more of my leisure time. It has made me think about the possibility of travel or working abroad as a real possibility."

ST Solicitor turning investigator of prisoners' complaints

Dramatic Changes

"Walking in Central Park one day I told my friend that what I really needed was a person who could take me as a whole. A person who would look at my professional and personal life, my past, my hobbies and interests and give me sound, impersonal advice. My friend suggested a Life Coach. After checking out the internet I came across a photo of Marianne on her website. I immediately warmed to her and contacted her immediately.

We had regular phone chats for the first six months and in that time I learned a great deal about myself. Marianne listened to the tone of my voice and my breathing as well as the words that I spoke. She was aware of my doubts, my strengths and weaknesses and set me challenges to try to overcome them. To some people, saying 'no' comes easily. To me it was impossible and created an endless source of difficulties, stresses and complications. By accepting Marianne's challenge to 'say no' and to only accept the work/ invitation/commitment that I could feasibly do at that particular moment in time, I learned that people did not judge me or stop working with me. On the contrary, they understood and came back at a later date. What a discovery!

During the following six months our chats were face to face, although less frequent. I was beginning to reap the benefits of Marianne's suggestions. I have made many dramatic changes in the past twelve months and my body and mind appreciate them! I no longer feel stressed and unsettled. I feel calm inside, knowing that I am valued just for being who I am. I look after my body and do nice things for myself. I no longer torment myself with nonsense 'gremlin' thoughts and just get on with things.

I feel sure that Marianne and I will always be in contact. I treasure her warm personality and her genuine interest in my well-being."

JT Translator

 Enhanced my self-confidence

"The coaching with Marianne has helped me to make significant changes to my work life. These have enhanced my self-confidence and sense of what is possible. I now have a clearer idea of what I have to offer and how I can best make use of my experience, skills and knowledge."

YR Practice Manager turned Management Consultant

 My company has literally been turned around

"I feel that Marianne is very skilful when working and I have a lot of trust in what she does. She translates these people skills seamlessly into the business-coaching environment. For me the result has been that my company has literally been turned around and I am now finding opportunities being offered to me that I would not have thought possible six months ago."

IC Business Owner, Incamedia

Time for myself

"The experience of coaching has meant that I am now doing more of the stuff that is important to me and worrying less about the stuff that isn't. I am finding it relatively easy to get time for writing and slowly am less worried about peripheral things. I have started to reflect more and to step back a little and take."

AS Sales Manager

Thoroughly enjoyed the session

"Coaching has given me the opportunity to think about the future of my business. My coaching time allowed me to take a step back and review what's going on. I was pleasantly surprised by the sessions. I was quite sceptical at first thinking the sessions may be quite awkward, however they were very relaxed and I thoroughly enjoyed myself."

AR Business Owner

Has made a huge difference to the way I live and work

"Marianne has made a huge difference to the way I live and work. Her warmth, focus and talent make it very easy for me to recommend her without hesitation. If you are looking for a coach with integrity, humour and the ability to get results, Marianne is your woman!"

S M  Trainer and Coach

Motivated me to get a new job

"A thoroughly enjoyable experience from start to finish not only did it help me realise what I wanted from work (and motivated me to get a new job) but also helped me realise things about myself and helped me form my life goals I was happy with whilst getting to know myself better."

P S   Radio Producer 

I'm actually working my plan

"I have left my old job and found a new contract with a movie company.  Still in finance but I actually feel on task since this is my industry. 🙂   So great news there.  Also, taking screenwriting classes. So, I'm actually working my plan.  Feels good!"

R T  Finance Manager

Having a coach truly works

"Coaching has been tremendous for me. It has allowed me to focus on what matters to me – even if I didn't really know it did! I have told many about you and recommend you to them. Having a personal coach truly works and inspires you to leap forward....suddenly you stop talking and start doing take action. Often that action is completely different from what you thought you would do. I have now produced a fantastic C.V., been accepted into a postgraduate law course and been offered a position of a director of an organisation I have admired for years. The thought of producing a C.V. and then attending an interview for a public body came true with your loyal, honest, informed, independent encouragement."

JCH Solicitor

Solutions to my issues were in my own head

"Coaching helped me determine what I wanted from a career and my working life. Since coaching I have started my own company, an idea explored during coaching sessions. Within the first month of the company being set up I have procured contracts for the next fifteen months – including work with Oxford University – I would never have imagined possible prior to coaching. Coaching helped me to "look in the mirror" – what my life and habits were about, and evaluate if that was what I really wanted.

I valued the fact that I could talk openly about the issues in my life without feeling silly or self-conscious, and that you listened. Laughter figured too. I also valued the ideas, options you gave which was both creative and grounded. Creative in that you helped me consider ideas I would not have identified myself. Grounded in that coaching was not airy-fairy or twee – but intelligent and underpinned by human psychology expertise and techniques and broad experience of life and business. I also valued the fact that often the solutions to my issues were in my own head, that coaching teased the answers from within – which I find more powerful for meaningful change than being told to do something by someone else."

LE Marketing Consultant


"I have valued the confidentiality and anonymity of coaching enormously. I think telephone coaching is very convenient, although I had reservations initially. For me this was a unique way of working and a new experience."

ST Health Service Manager

Courage to change

"Coaching made me aware of all my issues and qualities, good bad and non-issues. It gave me the courage to change, the mirror to view and tools and encouragement to change at my pace and my time. Also sometimes it was a good kick up the backside! I appreciated your speed and accurate target/diagnosis of issues which lie under the turbulent surface. I valued the kind and non-judgmental approach, but above all your humour, warmth and ‘best friend' approach when needed."

FA Designer

Found passion and contentment again

"Marianne has helped me to cut through all the clutter and voices from the outside to reach my soul. Having somebody like Marianne who truly believes in your ability to achieve anything you set your mind to, makes the world of difference. It is indeed a very precious gift to have found passion and contentment in life again."

AT Computer Programmer turned Student of Environmental Conservation

Plan of action

"Coaching for me was a good use of time; a productive space in the middle of my day to sort through my thoughts and get a plan of action."

SM Head of Department, Local Authority

Enjoyable and authentic life

"Marianne has been a constant companion for me on my creative journey. I went through a complete life redirection from running an all-consuming business to a far more enjoyable and authentic creative life and I couldn't have done it without her. Life for me has gone from being incredibly stressful and draining to being much more enlightening, uplifting and healthy. For the first time in my life I can honestly say I am really happy. I have now cut my coaching down from every week to once a month as whilst I don't feel I need that constant prop that I certainly needed in the early months, it is good to get occasional verification I am on the right path, with help whenever I need it, and external support from someone who listens and cares. I would highly recommend Marianne's coaching skills to everyone."

SMDC Voice Artist, Writer, Business Development Consultant

I was heading for burn out

" Marianne has made a major difference to my life. I was a high-volume, high-earning feature writer who was heading for burn out. Thanks to Marianne's coaching I was able to re-assess what was really important to me – family, friends, fun and fitness – I then reduced my writing to give much more space to these things. I was so impressed by the sheer power of coaching that, with Marianne's help and inspiration, I've since qualified as a coach myself and am building my own practice."

SMcI Freelance Journalist and Coach

Immediate positive results

"I had been talking to several coaches in an attempt to understand the nature of coaching and what the benefits would be for me. Marianne was recommended to me by another coach. I immediately warmed to Marianne's style and we soon began a programme of coaching.

Why was I looking for coaching? Originally it was for my career. Whilst having the appearance of success and a relaxed lifestyle I was feeling at odds with everything around me and was concerned about having reached a plateau in my career. I was giving in to self-doubt and was avoiding more and more of the challenges in life. This was the first time in my life I had felt like this and it was very uncomfortable.

My coaching calls with Marianne produced step changes in my confidence, happiness and ability to excel at my career. I learned how to take the pressure off myself, discover my real skills and how to apply them freely in my work and family life. I believe that it was Marianne's relaxed manner, experience and deep understanding of people that produced such immediate and positive results. I saw the career success I had hoped for but I had not counted the added bonus of re-discovering old friendships, sleep and my artistic and creative sides."

SP Director of Sales and Marketing, Newmetrics Ltd

Magic of the coaching process

"I appreciate your ability to hold up a mirror to me, to reflect things I was unaware of. I value your warmth, understanding and support. I have now personally experienced the magic of the coaching process"

MT Journalist


"Marianne's coaching has given me the opportunity to speak to someone who is completely independent and therefore to see things a little more clearly."

LS Solicitor

Remarkable changes

"Through coaching, I have been able to make remarkable changes in my life in a relatively short time, and without feeling that things were going 'too fast'..…..I am now spending much more time working on things that fulfil me rather than on things that others see me as being 'good at'. I am managing my time better, and have begun to see how to stop over committing my time and energy."
CG Director                                                                                                                                                                                                    

 Discover my own path

"During our work together, Marianne always encouraged me to think for myself and remained totally objective. With her support, I found my own solutions and detached from those negative people and situations that were not allowing me to move forward. I feel as though my life journey is now only just beginning, thanks to Marianne who helped me to discover my own path."

FE Executive P.A. turned Acupuncturist

 I now watch the sunset

"After working for some months with Marianne, my life is transformed! I regularly watch the sunset and after fourteen years of chronic illness and low energy, I can now also sometimes watch the sun rise. Marianne has many positive attributes as a coach. Her positive regard and very genuine enthusiasm made working with her, even on difficult issues, a pleasure. I found her dependable and trustworthy. I felt very much that she was committed to the work we were doing but always felt that I was being supported to make changes of my choice. I found her approach totally non-judgemental which was essential to me as I did that enough for the two of us!"

 KP Disability Advocate                                                                                                                                                                               

Sessions raise my self-esteem

"Marianne Craig has been a particularly helpful influence at a turning point in my life and career. Her sessions raise self-esteem and have a positive effect on personal and professional relationships. They are also a lot of fun and I look forward to them eagerly."
JL Senior Executive, RBS

Renewed sense of purpose

"Career coaching has renewed my belief in my abilities and not to accept second best. It has given me a better understanding of my true self. I feel rejuvenated and have a renewed sense of purpose. My activity and motivational levels are higher than before and I'm actively working to a plan. Coaching has put me back on track.

I'm now busily preparing the web site. Yesterday I set up PayPal and I can't believe how quick and easy it was. I feel quite excited about doing it. I think I'll be running around the house if/when I get my first order! Next 2 weeks is full up with things to do and it's so nice to feel re-invigorated."
MS Travel Consultant now with portfolio career: Business consultant and coach/business writer                              

More successful than anticipated
"A couple of months ago you gave me some interview coaching. I am writing to give you an update. I was very pleased with the coaching and was successful with the interview. In fact more successful than anticipated, as the role wasn't defined and during the interview process it was up for negotiation. I have ended up with a bigger role, title and responsibilities than I originally interviewed for. Thank you once again for your help, which certainly made a big difference."

NF Director of a biotechnology company

I've learnt such a lot about myself

"Many thanks for all your help this past year. As I said last time we spoke, you are worth so much and your help is invaluable – the best "value for money" I spend each month! As to all the ground we've covered, I've learnt such a lot about myself, my strengths and my "weaknesses" and areas for development. I certainly enjoy life more than I did a year ago – so thanks very much for all your help."
 BA - Consultant Director and Business Owner, sales and marketing company                                                                 

I selected a coach carefully

"My own background is in training and facilitation and, with fifteen years in the field, I was keen to select a coach for myself very carefully. Marianne's experience and credentials were impressive but my criteria for selecting a coach was also based on the need for someone who would be prepared to work with and without formulas! Many coaches can be driven by prescription and recipes for development/success without having developed the wisdom and confidence to find a different path each time that will truly enable others to find their own answers. I believe Marianne achieves this."

MG Trainer and Facilitator                                                                                                                                                                    

The power of coaching

"The power of coaching has really astounded me, Marianne has spurred me into action and now I can't stop! Marianne started coaching me in October 2004 and we are still working together now. She has inspired me, I feel empowered, and my belief that anything is possible is stronger than ever before. Marianne has been very encouraging, accepting and supportive.

I've really enjoyed my coaching experience with Marianne, she's warm and also firm, which has been a perfect balance for me. She has helped loads with my short-term and long-term goal-setting, she always brings clarity to a fuzzy plan of action. I remain focused and on track with weekly progress forms which have been great, really helpful, even I can see a noticeable shift! Marianne is a great listener, I feel understood and appreciated. Since working together I've also felt subtly encouraged to dig deep for my own answers, and they have come."
LC Project Manager turning Coach

Pinpointed what it is I want in my life

"Marianne has been my life coach for a number of months. During this time we have investigated my personality, my work needs and what makes me tick. Each week we track my progress and set homework.

We work in a relaxed way, but with structure. In each session, we review my progress against what I initially said I wanted to achieve. From the start, Marianne understood my work concerns, I wanted to change my career direction, but I didn't know what to do or how to do it. So we tackled the mission in a fun way. I found it really interesting to use her selected tests to find out more about myself and to understand why I think the way I do. From there we isolated jobs that I'm interested in and each week I do my research and feedback to Marianne the day before our session.

Marianne is on call whenever I need to talk to her and she's been a great help in discussing issues regarding my current work. I think Marianne really understands where I'm coming
from and how I want to live my life.

I've been searching for a new career for years and by working with Marianne, I've been able to understand myself, really pinpoint what it is I want in my life and gained confidence to change."
SP PR Manager turning Homeopath

I now have a clear direction

"Our sessions really gave me the confidence boost needed, working through the 'No limits' exercises helped me to see what was in front of me all the time and come out at the end with clear objectives and some back-up plans too, it also made me see that can still do the things really do enjoy in my spare time and do as much or as little as I like, feel I have a very clear direction in which to head now and am actively chasing the career I've chosen."
PH Programmer

Useful and pertinent questions

"The work we did together was tremendously useful for me, and was exactly the right thing at the right time. What I liked best about it was that I found it a very adult way to work.

We discussed issues and you asked useful and pertinent questions, which sometimes made me think about things in a whole different light. You made suggestions, which I sometimes took up, but importantly I also felt that I had the freedom to say "No, that's not appropriate for me right now".

We agreed on tasks "homework" for me to do – but again, it was up to me to do this or not, and I didn't feel at all guilty if I didn't do it. I also liked the book suggestions- am working my way through one of your recommendations right now.

I often rely on experts to help me with things I'm not very good at – have used a personal trainer at the gym and have tennis lessons when I feel I need to bring my game up – and what I liked about life coaching sessions was the similarity with these, in that I felt I was actually learning skills to help me deal better with my own life and existing as myself and not in any way forming a dependency."
A S General Manager 

Nugget of gold

"Marianne's career coaching programme has given me a focus at a period in my life when I felt the way forward was not that clear. The Firework Programme has a definitive start and end, giving a sense of fulfillment and a positive direction. People close to me have noticed a difference in my attitude to work/working and the coaching has provided me with insights into my own working practices that have lead me to develop areas where I needed to develop, and has also helped me play to my strengths and encourage others to play to theirs. I enjoy my current job significantly more (although not enough to not want to change it!) - which is a surprise to me as I didn't expect that side effect. On the days of the coaching I felt energized afterwards and ready to deal with whatever was thrown at me.

I had a sense of 'sifting for gold' - we started with a big pile of stuff (work, life, likes, dislikes etc) and gradually sifted it session by session until we had the 'nugget of gold': what I wanted to do and how to achieve it. Every time I look at the completed work and life stars I feel a buzz at knowing they are my distilled dreams and wishes on the edge of reality. Marianne has been a wonderfully insightful career coach and such a warm-spirited person - I want to do well not only for myself but also for her."
JL  Leisure Centre Manager turning Professional Development Trainer

Would really recommend it!
"I came to coaching whilst my partner was pregnant and we were due to have our first child. I’d been unhappy at work for some time, and was getting very tired with commuting to London. I knew that things needed to change in my work life, but felt completely at sea when looking at alternatives. The sessions offered a perfect space – a little bit of "me" time before the onset of parenthood after which I knew time and introspection would be in short supply! It was really valuable to experience the process of identifying one’s work and life essence – in a really practical, task focused way– a bit like peeling back an onion. The great thing was that it broke down what seemed like an impossible task – finding a new career – into a series of manageable tasks and stages, and it was all my own work. Marianne provided the necessary steer and framework in her very supportive, calm yet focused way. I’d also discovered a lot about myself and reinforced what was important to me in my life outside of work too – all very valuable lessons for a new dad! Coaching is great if you want to emerge confident with a real set of definable goals.  Would really recommend it!"
TM Social Work Manager

Worth every penny

"I did career coaching with Marianne. Marianne’s coaching included lots of practical tasks that are of real benefit. I was all over the place before I started. Now I am calm, confident and clear about my future. Give yourself the time and money to do coaching – it’s worth every penny!"
LF  IT Policy and Planning Officer

Structure and timeline

"Coaching helped to focus my mind. Giving me a structure and a timeline to work to, it made sure I didn’t fritter away my time and end up a couple of months down the line still going around in circles. Your manner, positivity and general helpfulness was fabulous; very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend you."
SB Marketing Consultant


"Career Coaching with Marianne Craig is a hugely empowering experience that has helped me to appreciate my achievements, understand what I have to offer and envisage a future career direction that takes account of my passions and personality as well as the constraints in my life. An invaluable antidote to sitting around wondering what to do!"
TB Publisher Fathers Direct and

I now have a concrete and achievable action plan

"Working with Marianne has been a truly enlightening experience.  The tools and exercises helped me understand myself better and uncover my motivations.  As a result I now have a concrete and achievable action plan to move me towards the type of work I was meant to be doing.  Thanks Marianne!"
RS Marketing Executive

You search deep inside

"Marianne takes you through a process that helps you search deep inside and make a plan of what you find."
JJ Charity CEO

Clearer perspective on my career
"Marianne’s warmth and intelligence, combined with her astute professional skills in career coaching, enabled me to take a tremendous amount away from the coaching. I now have a much clearer perspective on my career and the tools to shape it."
PR Media Executive

Highly inspiring

"I found my coaching with Marianne insightful and highly inspiring.  She shows great focus and she has an intuitive feel for her clients which allows her to tailor her coaching to an individual."
CK Sales Executive

Life-changing decisions

"Marianne is a brilliant and inspirational person, who provides useful tools and information to support life-changing decisions and realisations. I could not recommend her enough for her calm and caring manner, as well as her insights."
NG University Administrator

Shift in perspective

"As I'm sure you are aware, your coaching has been very helpful indeed.  You had the skill and understanding to think of some really good questions which had the desired effect of causing me to shift perspective."
JA Geologist

I realised how much I had to offer

"After over 20 years working in IT and seven years with my current company I had finally accepted a management post and was regretting it. When I first met Marianne, and for some time afterwards, I was convinced that the only way to escape the stress of the job was to leave my present employers.

Under Marianne’s guidance and after several thought provoking exercises, I realised how much I had to offer both in and out of work, gradually starting to understand and believe in my abilities.  I gave a pitch to my manager laying out exactly how I and why I could be more useful in a different, more technical role and just couldn’t believe how well it went! Much to my surprise I am still working for the same firm and am happier than I have been in any of the previous seven years with them.  At the same time, I am constantly looking for new possibilities with a belief that I have a chance to achieve them.  At the moment I have an idea for a book, and I really believe that one day soon I will have developed a portfolio of skills which will enable me to earn a living whilst satisfying the various drives that make up my personality."
KG IT Manager

I can’t wait for my new life to fully begin

"When I first considered coaching, I was quite sceptical about how a complete stranger could help me work out my new career path.  And also why it would take so long compared to career advice which can take just one session. I think in my first conversation with Marianne I felt a degree of understanding, compassion and a real desire to help. It wasn’t just a job for her, but a real passion. This allowed me to open up to her and talk freely.

I guess, inadvertently at the beginning, the coaching not only helped form a new direction career-wise, but has helped me in my personal life too. The coaching looks at your life as a whole and makes you think and observe things in a different way.

I can now compare career advice with coaching. For a quick fix, and if you are only interested in an advisers interpretation of psychometric testing, career advice is the solution. Whereas with coaching, the exercises and conversations allow YOU to look at your life, your interests and your passions and work out your OWN future and really feel sure that you are making the right decision. I have now reached this level and I feel confident about my future. I am so much happier and believe much more in myself and can’t wait for my new life to fully begin. This was definitely the right choice for me and I want to thank Marianne for all her help in getting me to this stage."
CO Senior Administrator turned Personal Trainer

Helped me to put many of the pressures of my position into perspective

"Coming to Marianne has helped me to put many of the pressures of my position into perspective. It has helped me to prioritise what is most important in developing Belltree, and to understand why I want to continue to pursue my original goals.

It has also helped me to feel that it is possible for me to learn the skills needed to help the business grow, which I was beginning to doubt when I first came.

Sometimes very useful advice can lead to a long list of tasks to complete which can add to pressures, even though they are useful in the long run. This coaching has been a very positive space which has lightened the pressures and helped me to feel inspired."

TW Music Therapist